At Valcom Enterprises, Inc., we believe every individual is an intricate part of our company’s safety program. Employees, Subcontractors, Vendors, and Partners must understand that this safety program is not a shelf type program.

You, as an employee, must breathe life into the safety program and understand that you own this most precious part of their everyday working life. Every individual working for this organization has been given the authority to make corrective actions concerning safety as needed.

As an employee, you must understand the importance of accepting the responsibility for safe actions that could save your life or the life of another.

Training programs

Valcom has implemented the following training programs to further secure the safety of our employees:

10-Hour OSHA Training

for all field employees (refresher training every 3 years)

30-Hour OSHA Training

for all foreman (refresher training every 3 years)

CPR Training

(refresher training every 2 years)

First Aid Training

(refresher training every 2 years)

Blood Borne Pathogen Training

(refresher training annually)

Lift Training

(refresher training every 3 years)

Powder Actuated Tool Training

(refresher training every 3 years)

Lead and Asbestos Awareness Training

(as required by jobsite conditions)


Valcom has a mandatory PPE policy (full time hardhat, safety glasses, protective gloves) while working on site.


Valcom conducts weekly Toolbox Talks and Jobsite Safety Inspections.

Drug-Free Workplace

Valcom supports a drug-free workplace. Valcom’s Drug-Free Workplace Program is certified in both Kentucky and Ohio. Valcom requires all job applicants to undergo pre-employment drug testing. Valcom also conducts random drug tests, reasonable suspicion drug testing, post-accident drug testing, and return-to-work drug testing. We believe that a drug testing program helps to provide a safe work environment and helps to maintain our commitment to return all our employees home safely at the end of the workday.