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"We have had very good experiences with Valcom." , "good service" - Ray Huseman, HGC

"Straight", "Fair", "Competitive Pricing", "Valcom's people are good to work with in the field." , "Professional", "I have worked with them for 14 years.", "I use them a vast majority of the time, without question." - Larry Peet, LL Peet

"Valcom is a very good company.", "Good work", "We will continue to use them all the time." - Dale White, DAG

"Valcom is a qualified interior finish contractor in the Cincinnati area.", "They are a major player in the greater Cincinnati area." - Tom Kerth, Turner

"Valcom has provided the service that we needed.", "fair price", "The project managers have been responsive to my needs.", "I'm satisfied with the performance with the field and the office." - Steve Steltenkamp, Vector


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